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I'm Brit Mandelo. (There's a website over here if you need contact info or professional information.)

You might have found your way here because you've seen me writing over at, where I like to talk about comics, queer SFF, life and the craft. Among other things, I'm also a speculative fiction writer, an editor at Strange Horizons Magazine, a perpetual student who can't seem to escape academia, and an avid reader.

Make that a hungry reader, actually. I eat up books like candies; I'm always looking for something new and wonderful in addition to my old favorites. Books are a beautiful thing. I will happily talk about them all day long. (In fact, for the past few years I've kept a record of every book I've read with at least a short review for each, sometimes more. It's been an interesting experiment.)

This blog isn't friends-only and rarely contains friends-only posts. Feel free to introduce yourself, comment, have conversations. I try to answer in a timely fashion. I talk mostly about craft, the glamorous writer's life, and social issues. Oh, and the occasional bout of nerdery or fandom.

Hello and welcome. I hope you have a good time.