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It's been almost a month since I've posted. Oops. Seems like my social media platforms are shifting, though I've been on LJ in some form for the better part of a decade. (Or, uh, more.)

So, here are five relevant things from the interim time:

(1) Bought our tickets home. We'll be back for good on May 9th, in the late evening. Powerful urges for home have set in, now that it's gotten close--but I also know I'm going to miss my CF box pretty fiercely, so I am sad about that.

(2) I have finished a draft of the thesis (60 pages / 19,000 words or so). So, from here til the end I have [1] revisions on the thesis and [2] two essays for class to complete. That's it. The long slog is almost over; I can see light on the horizon; etc. Of course, there's one more year of teaching and courses and writing at UofL when I get back, before -->

(3) I'm definitely taking a year off from academia and, if that works out, quitting the process for good. There are plenty of jobs that a person with two MAs can get in a university; I don't have to leave the culture or the community just because I might not ever pursue a PhD. I have a few people to talk to about my options, in this direction, and some thinking to do.

(4) Liverpool has been remarkably good for letting me get a taste of what the PhD process would be like: the relocation, the stress, the isolation, the continued grind on nerves that have been shot for a good three years now, etc. It has made me very sure I need the time off.

(5) I fractured my big toe, around where it joins the foot-proper. I dropped an empty barbell on it from chest height. Which, so you know, is excruciating. I'm on light duty for the next few weeks while it heals: have to do any olympic lifting with no jump, feet locked in place; no box jumps or running or jumping rope, etc. But I can still lift nice and heavy, and I can scale crossfit around the toes issue, so. I'm not couch bound. (I was for the first five days or so and it almost drove me insane.)


(5) *cringes sympathetically*