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Log Week 2/16-2/22

Managed to have both of my feet cramp at once after standing up a squat wrong/awkwardly on Tuesday--so, that was unpleasant, and cut the day off short. Otherwise, a fairly straightforward work week: went a little heavier on bench, did some 5x5 deadlifts at 80%, etc.

The first two warmish days have been this week; I think it's no coincidence that I've started to feel like my volume is low and my body could do more-more-more. Slogging through the winter hibernation is tough, but with the onset of spring also comes a certain animal drive to be doing stuff all the time. I welcome it.

Also, I think I'll be retaking the CF assessment next weekend.

2-16 Sun
25 pushups [No CF; gym was closed for the weekend.]

2-18 Tues
2x5 squat 40kg
2x5 squat 50kg
4x5 squat 55kg [And oh, the foot cramps.]

2-19 Wed
1x10 bench 20kg
1x8 bench 30kg
1x6 bench 40kg
1x3, 1x2, 3x3 bench 47.5kg/105lbs
1x8 press 20kg
1x2 push jerk w/ hold 30kg
1x4 push jerk 30kg
1 push jerk w/ hold 30kg
1x3 push jerk 30kg
1 push jerk w/ hold 30kg
15-12-9 body rows
2x10 burpees

2-20 Thurs
1x8 DL 20kg
2x8 DL 50kg
5x5 DL 70kg
snatch stretches
2x3 hang power snatch 20kg
2 hang power snatch, ride to the bottom + 1 h.p. snatch 20kg
1x5, 1x2 asst. pullups 24kg res
1x5 body row (hard), 1x5 body row (easy)
1x8, 1x5 standing curls 7.5kg DB
2x5 alternating curls standing 7.5kg

2-21 Fri
ran .25m uphill; pause 1 min; ran .25 miles downhill

[Just putting in a little work running up and down my street to feel less antsy, there.]
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