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Log Week 2/9-2/15

Hit new squat and deadlift PRs this week; since there's no CF this weekend, I decided I could go a little heavier for fun and not have to worry about being too beat up at the end of the week's cycle. (I also failed a heavy squat and had to do the roll of shame out from under the bar, but so it goes.)

Trying to stay on track to retake the CF assessment at the end of the month. I need to shave a minute off of my conditioning time, and also get my endurance up on strict pushups.

Sun 2-9
banded pushups 3x10
KB "deadlift" 8kg 3x10
OH squats (dowel, 2.5kg) 3x10
5kg plate to overhead 1x10

WOD: partner workout, 10 pushups, 10 OHS, 10 ground to overhead w/ 5kg plate
4 rounds + 3 pushups

OH work
hang snatch work 15kg
snatch drops 15kg

Tues 2-11
1x8 squat 30kg
1x5 squat 50kg
1x5 squat 55kg
1x3, 1x2 squat 60kg/135lbs [failed rep #3]
1x3 squat 55kg
1x5 OHS 20kg
4x5 OHS 25kg
1 clean, 1x4 hang power clean 30kg
1x3 p. clean 30kg
1x3 clean 30kg
1 fail, 1x3 clean 30kg
heavy bag, 5-10 min

Wed 2-12
1x10 bench 20kg
1x5 bench 40kg
3x4, 1x7 bench 45kg
15-12-9 body rows
4x knee pushups; no strict
1x4 strict press 22.5kg
1x4, 1x3, 1x4, 1x3 push jerk 30kg
1 clean & jerk 25kg
1 clean, 3 jerks 30kg
1 clean, 3 jerks 30kg [getting tired and slow]

Fri 2-14
1x8 deadlift 20kg
2x5 deadlift 50kg
2x4 deadlift 70kg
1x2, 1x1 deadlift 80kg
1RM deadlift, 85kg/187lbs [fail 2nd attempt]
1x3 deadlift 70kh
2x3, 1x2 hang power snatch 20kg
2 pullups (stretch mostly) 21kg res
1x4 slow, stretchy hyperextensions
3x8 body rows

[Also, Saturday: 26 pushups.]
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