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Log Week 2/2-2/8

A decent-to-mediocre week; work getting done, but none of it exciting or fancy. I kept to last week's squat weight and tried to work on form--I did manage to mostly cull the lean to the left I was noticing, though I think there's a mild imbalance in strength between those two legs that only comes out when the weight's heavy. The answer: more single-leg work.

Oh, and I got in some time on the heavy bag. I was agitated as all fuck, and the room was empty, and--well. I didn't wear gloves. It was more important that I get in the time, trust me. Should have seen the bruises that blossomed out over my knuckles by that night! The pain was pleasant and appropriate--that dull ache with a raw overtone at the skin level--while I was hitting the bag, so it's no problem. My hands just aren't particularly tough. The bruises have shaded into a sort of pale tan-yellow now, but they were very visible for a couple of days.

I did ask, though, yesterday, about borrowing the gym's gloves next time. The staff member was amused. So was I.

Sun 2/2
row 500m
row 500m 2:00.9
push press work, stretches
1x10 push press 7.5kg
1x10 push press 17.5kg
1x3 push press 30kg

WOD: team, did 2 rounds
200m row, 10 push press 7.5kg
[I smashed this one. The time domain was short enough, with breaks in between for team members to work, that I could go super hard and still have the chance to catch my breath.]

burgener warmup
jerk work, stretches
4x5 jerk 15kg
4x3 jerk, 25kg
2 rounds walking lunges, length of gym and back, 10kg overhead

Tues 2/4
1x10 squat 20kg
1x6 squat 40kg
4x5 squat 55kg
4x5 overhead squat 20kg
1x15 hang power cleans 20kg
1x4 power clean 30kg
1x3 power clean 30kg

Wed 2/5
1x10 bench 20kg
1x5 bench 40kg
3x3, 1x5 bench 45kg [Kind staff member spotted for me last set so I could go to failure.]
1x5 strict press 20kg
3x5 strict press 22.5kg
3x hang clean and jerk 20kg
2x3 hang power clean & jerk 25kg
1x3, 1x2 p. clean & jerk 30kg
15, 6, 6 body rows
heavy bag, 10-15 min? [without breaks]

Fri 2/6
1x6, 1x5, 1x3 (~1), 1x3 (~1), 1x1 (~1) pull ups green band strict
1x4 pullups green band using bounce
snatch stretches, warmup
1x3 snatch drop 15kg
1x3 hang power snatch 15kg
1x4 p. snatch 20kg
1x4 p. snatch 20kg
1x5 p. snatch 20kg
1x3 p. snatch 20kg
1x3 p. snatch 20kg
1x2 h. p. snatch 20kg (slow, tired)

[A couple of those reps I rode to the bottom after catching, but none were full deep snatches.]