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Log Week 1/25-1/31

This was a positive week, namely because the workout of the day in CF last Saturday was a repeat of the "conditioning test" I failed when I initially took the assessment for the regular CF classes. And I shaved 2:30 off of my time between those two performances, so--yeah. 2:30. I often feel like I'm going nowhere fast with regards to my competence at CrossFit, but that's quite a drastic improvement.

Otherwise, had some minor squatting issues last week? So I'll likely stick to that weight this week, and pay extra special attention to standing up symmetrically; I favor the left side a bit sometimes when things get heavy, which makes my leg ache and cramp. No fun.

Sun 1-26
400m run
3x10 --> squats, pushups, situps
push up drills, practice
banded pull up drills, practice
200m run
squats, pushups, body rows
200m run
TIME - 8:07!

Tues 1-28
1x10 squat 20kg
1x6 squat 40kg
2x5, 1x4*, 1x5 squat 55kg/121 lbs [Stood up all crooked on * rep]
4x5 overhead squat 20kg/45lbs
1x6, 1x8 power clean 20kg
1x20 power clean 20kg [I was trying to hit 30 for time. But I managed to yank my iPod off of my arm on rep 20, pulling the headphones out of my ears and generally making a mess of things.]

Wed 1-29
1x10 bench 20kg
4x5 bench 42.5kg
2x4 strict press 25kg
2x5 push jerk 25kg
3 power clean & jerk, 25kg
3 p.c. & jerk, 25kg
1 p.c. & jerk, hold 25kg
4 squat jerk 25kg
15-12-9 body rows unbroken sets

Thurs 1-30
1x6 deadlift 50kg
1x5 deadlift 70kg
2x2 deadlift 80kg [tweaked the leg a little; cramping]
1x6 deadlift 20kg (slow, stretching)
3x4, 1x2 pull ups green band