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Log a little delayed by the Nebula weekend, but onward:

4x8 squats, 55lbs
3x6 hanging knee raise
3x10 box jump (8-9")
3x10 leg extension, 70lbs
3x10 leg curl, 50lbs
2x15 reverse calf raise (smith)
2x15 calf raise (smith)
6 negative chin-ups [fairly shaky and weak; mostly controlled falling]
2x10 reverse wrist curls, 7.5lbs DB
2x10 wrist curls, 7.5lbs DB
2x10 kettle-bell swing, 15lbs
1x3, 1x4 kettle-bell swing, 20lbs

12:30 treadmill --> 2x1:30min @ 5.8mph, 9:30min @ 3.5mph
2x7, 1x10, 1x8 bench press, 80lbs
3x6 chest dip, 100lbs resistance
4x8 shoulder press, 20lbs DB
1x6 incline bench, 57.5lbs
2x10 incline bench, 47.5lbs [fast rather than heavy]
3x10 cable pull-down, 70lbs
3x7 lying triceps extension, 10lbs DB
3x8 pullover 15lbs DB
3x8 rear delt row, 12.5lbs DB
3x10 shrug, 17.5lbs DB

And then I went to the Nebula Weekend on Friday. I did walk approximately two miles on Saturday, though.
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