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Manholebritmandelo wrote
on January 28th, 2013 at 10:09 pm

Guys, guys. I did a correct squat. And then I did fifteen more, flush with victory. I'm still slightly above the ideal of parallel/below parallel to the ground, but not by much, and my posture is spot-on. My knees are correct, my feet are correct, my spine is correct, and I didn't fall over or lose form. I held it, and I did it right, for the first time since I started this fitness thing in late October.

I'm not quite able to add the little two-pound stretching bar across my back and still manage the posture--I have to use my hands out front for counterweight--but that's a huge, huge step in the right direction. This puts me a major leap toward being able to squat with a barbell, and eventually with weight. Visible results, they are my favorite. (Among other things, I also upped my incline bench press weight to 50lbs, and let Daniel do that "aggressive motivation while spotting" thing to get me through a whole extra set with the new weight, until I couldn't actually rack it at the top. Pleased, I am it.)

I love the days where I can see myself moving forward, getting stronger, improving my balance and sense of my body and what it can do. Seriously, this stuff is the best.

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