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It's official: the second through the fourth weeks of July are to be my vacation from everything but editorial duties.

Between now and then, I have a few projects to wrap up, including the "Reading Joanna Russ" series--but after that, I'll actually be taking time off to read, watch some X-Files, and see friends who have probably forgotten what my face looks like. Also, Readercon. And whatever else I feel like doing! Sweet, sweet freedom.

This evening was a bit of a mini-vacation, too. We made a trip to the local Half-Price Books to sell a few things, and I found a copy of a book I've been looking for, Elaine Showalter's A Literature of Their Own. There was also ice-cream.

Oh, and I did a phone interview with the local paper this afternoon during which I think I laughed awkwardly more than I spoke real words. This is always the way phone calls go, for me. It's never good. (Yes, this post is a series of loosely connected thoughts--nothing more.)


Don't you always wear a veil in public?!