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Manholebritmandelo wrote
on June 17th, 2012 at 07:46 pm

Small delights: on Amazon.com, Beyond Binary's "frequently bought with" sale-deal is none other than Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman's Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation. (Together, they cost $25.93, a very exact price.)

The first time I saw that, I admit that I squealed with glee.


Today, I figured out on paper my average hours of work for each of my current commitments. The result was actually much more horrifying than I thought it would be; I'm beginning to realize that there's a pretty significant reason I've been feeling so fragmented, frustrated, and ineffective. That's not going to improve when I go back to a day-job and a graduate degree in the fall, folks. Some shifting, rescheduling, and recovery are in order--are, in fact, necessary. Especially because when I'm being honest, I can admit that right now I spend about 5 hours a week just staring into space feeling stuck.

I'm thinking of taking a vacation from all but my editorial work for a few weeks, this summer. The thought frightens me, but--normal people take vacations. This is a thing that people do, I know it. The world will not collapse. My career will not disappear in a puff of terrible smoke if I take two or three weeks to breathe. (So I say out loud. So it is very hard to convince my back-brain.)

There's no easy way to learn this stuff--just the advice of more experienced friends. Which is invaluable.

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