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40. ^James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon^ by Julie Phillips
41. "Bending the Landscape: Fantasy" edited by Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel*

Both for Tor.com; the Tiptree Jr. post is already up, and the Bending the Landscape post should follow soon.

42. "Hit List" by Laurell K. Hamilton
43. "Kiss the Dead" by Laurell K. Hamilton

You know what? I don't care if these books are structurally kind of a mess and the mysteries tend to just magically work out with no one really solving them in the past several installments. I've been riding it out with these characters for like, 12 years. So. I'm just not going to stop.

On the positive side, I like that the newer novels are more explicitly concerned with poly relationship dynamics, Anita's expanding bisexuality, and a more diverse cast of characters. Like, I've watched these folks grow and change for a significant portion of my adult reading life; it's kind of neat that they're discovering how to make their relationships work, and that things are gettin' full-on queer, finally. (There sure as hell aren't any other mainstream, NYT bestseller-list novels dealing with kinky, queer, polyamorous romances where people negotiate their needs with each other--while also, you know, fighting evil and maneuvering preternatural politics. I'm reminded of how awesome the world-building in the first of these books was, back when they came out.) [ETA: Apparently, Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworlds books are also kinky, poly, and queer. Might have to go check those out.]

44. "Here, We Cross" edited by Rose Lemberg

Review redacted. (Tor.com, later.)

^ indicates nonfiction
*indicates re-read

1. ^The Wave in the Mind^ by Ursula K. Le Guin
2. "Dyke Strippers: Lesbian Cartoonists A to Z" edited by Roz Warren
3. "The Annotated Sandman: Volume 1" by Neil Gaiman & Leslie S. Klinger
4. ^How to Write a Dirty Story: Reading, Writing, and Publishing Erotica^ by Susie Bright
5. "Double Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay
6. ^Storyteller^ by Kate Wilhelm
7. ^Women of Vision^ edited by Denise Du Pont
8. "Sins of the Demon" by Diana Rowland
9. "Tell My Horse" by Zora Neale Hurtson
10. "Best American Comics 2011" edited by Alison Bechdel
11. "Extra(ordinary) People" by Joanna Russ*
12. "When the Sea is Rising Red" by Cat Hellisen
13. "Celluloid" by Dave McKean
14. ^Magic Mommas, Trembling Sistrs, Puritans & Perverts^ by Joanna Russ*
15. "The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 6" edited by Jonathan Strahan
16. "The Drowning Girl: A Memoir" by Caitlin R. Kiernan
17. "Frankenstein: or, the Modern Prometheus" by Mary Shelley*
18. ^The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Roleplay, and the Erotic Edge^ edited by Tristan Taormino
19. "Range of Ghosts" by Elizabeth Bear
20. "Zone One" by Colson Whitehead
21. "Above" by Leah Bobet
22. "Black Heart" by Holly Black
23. ^Kurt Vonnegut: The Last Interview and Other Conversations^ edited by Tom McCartan
24. "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, v. 3" by Naoko Takeuchi
25. ^Are You My Mother?^ by Alison Bechdel
26. ^Passing the Word: Writers on Their Mentors^ ed. Jeffery Skinner & Lee Martin
27. ^Are You My Mother?^ by Alison Bechdel*
28. ^Can it Really Be Taught? Resisting Lore in Creative Writing Pedagogy^ ed. Kelly Ritter & Stephanie Vanderslice
29. "The Drowned Cities" by Paolo Bacigalupi
30. ^The Poetry Handbook^ by Mary Oliver
31. ^Chicks Dig Comics^ edited by Lynne M. Thomas & Sigrid Ellis
32. ^The SFWA Handbook: The Business Side of Writing, By Writers, For Writers^ edited by Steve Carper
33. "Owly: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer" by Andy Runton
34. ^To Write Like a Woman^ by Joanna Russ*
35. "Point of Hopes" by Melissa Scott & Lisa A. Barnett
36. "Point of Knives" by Melissa Scott
37. ^Mortification^ edited by Robin Robertson
38. "Point of Dreams" by Melissa Scott
39. "The Moment of Change" ed. by Rose Lemberg
40. ^James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon^ by Julie Phillips
41. "Bending the Landscape: Fantasy" edited by Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel*
42. "Hit List" by Laurell K. Hamilton
43. "Kiss the Dead" by Laurell K. Hamilton
44. "Here, We Cross" edited by Rose Lemberg


Actually, Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworlds series has hit the NYT Bestseller list, if not with quite the same splash, and is full of queer poly kinky complex relationships. I have no idea how the two series compare, as I avoid vampire-focused books normally.
I hadn't heard that about them! That's kind of exciting. I know they were quite popular in my old bookshop--we always sold tons. (I'm usually not a romance-or-vampires kind of reader; but, well. Reading these books for more than a decade, etc.)
They are entertaining; they are on the smuttier end of urban fantasy, and very light, popcorn-y reading.
Cool. I'll add those to my "comfort reading" list - I do like popcorn books on occasion. *g*
I liked the Fantasy volume in the Bending the Landscape series but found they grew progressively weaker with the Horror one having moments of such self-loathing, if I recall, that it really turned me off. Odd because these days I think there is better work done in the field of gay horror than the other spec fic genres.
Yeah, the only mention I made of the Horror volume in the post was to say that I thought it was much weaker than the others--I didn't care to re-read it again, because I remember really disliking it. So, I noted in the post that I might not have liked it because I don't love horror, but now that you've mentioned it, I remember being overall pretty displeased with the tone of the book, too.
Kraig Blackwelder’s "Coyote Love" is about a guy who chews off his own arm because he wakes up with a guy and he needs to flee an innocuous morning. Not very good for a gay reader's psyche.
Wow. I'm... Really quite glad I didn't re-read the book.
It is so validating to hear someone else appreciating what I also appreciate about LKH's books. Thank you so much for sharing that...

Also, clearly I have to pick up Yasmine Galenorn's books...
Also, clearly I have to pick up Yasmine Galenorn's books...

My thoughts exactly.