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Manholebritmandelo wrote
on June 6th, 2012 at 05:50 pm

Progress Notes: "And Yet, Her Eyes"

Words today: 130
Words total: 130
Reason for stopping: Establishing the opening; then I wrote 15 pages of notes for what is likely to be a 4,000 word story. I don't think that's overkill.

Darling du Jour: This was the way things were going to be from here 'til forever.
Mean Things: PTSD, chronic pain, people who won't look you in the face, strained reunions.


This is the story that I've been stuck chewing over for what seems like nearly a year, now. I've known the climactic scene and what the story's doing--that weird inner machinery--for too long, without having the faintest clue how to get there and how to do what needed doing. I've never had to outline from the thematic arc up; generally, that is Not Advised. But I knew what it meant before I knew what it was, and that's just the way of things this time, I guess?

So, after an hour or two of note-taking, I think I have this thing mostly figured. At least, theoretically. Whether I can pull it off is entirely another matter.

(And then I judiciously applied white-out to my schedule for the next three or four days. Luckily, I'm caught up with most things, so taking the time out for this story won't throw a wrench in, but--it needs to be done now, and for fuck's sake, I've spent enough time over the past six months wishing I could write this thing. It, me, thunderdome, etc.)

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