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Manholebritmandelo wrote
on May 12th, 2012 at 04:46 pm

Well, I've officially graduated!

Yesterday was the convocation for the honors students; I was given my medal and cords, photographed, awarded my fellowship to Liverpool on a fancy certificate, speechified about, et cetera. That was pretty lovely--much more intimate and personal. Today was the big graduation, with tons of people crammed into a big sports auditorium. There are plenty of tagged photos on Facebook for the curious. (Of course, this is actually the delayed B.A. graduation, since I've been technically working on my M.A. for most of the past year.)

The highlight of yesterday, though, was the food. My mother, a friend, and I found a small restaurant, "Dish on Market," and enjoyed one of the best meals I've had in a while. The food included Reuben won-tons (crispy fried, stuffed with their house-made corned beef and rich swiss, served with a thousand-island based sauce); a hot brown sandwich for me (deconstructed, cute, served with some of the best mornay sauce I've ever tasted and thick-cut bacon); chicken-and-waffles for the friend who went with us (with herb butter and well-spiced fried chicken); a huge veggie omelet for my mother (just the right amount of creamy to the eggs, fresh vegetables, fried potatoes on the side); and a serving of bourbon-glazed bread pudding dipped in syrup that just about brought me to food!tears. And all of this, for around $40. Stellar.

We'll definitely be going there again. Especially because for their Saturday brunch, they serve that bourbon-glazed bread pudding as French toast--dipped in crepe batter and fried. I can only imagine how good that'll taste.

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