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One more piece on Beyond Binary and We Wuz Pushed: a Coming Out post on Outer Alliance's blog.


This has been an odd set of weeks.

Officially finishing up the B.A. and entering my M.A. program - though, yeah, I've been taking classes for it for a year now - is a big thing. Graduation, and all of the junk that goes with it, is next week; the department has named me the recipient of the Mary Burton Award for the top graduate in the English program, and I earned summa cum laude distinction with the thesis that became We Wuz Pushed. And, of course, I was offered that huge travel grant yesterday.

Considering how unrelentingly awful 2011 was, this year seems to be looking up. (Knock on wood.) Things aren't perfect, of course--still no job for my partner, still scrabbling by financially--but they're looking up. Good things! Happening! (Thank fuck.)