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Excuse me while I resist the urge to hyperventilate from a mixture of terror and joy:

I've been offered the Mary Churchill-Humphrey grant to study in the UK. I'll be at the University of Liverpool, 2013-2014, fully funded. That means I can attend the 2013 World Fantasy Con! Also that I can complete the world's only Science Fiction Studies M.A. And, luckily, because this is a one-year graduate program, I can bring my partner with me on my visa.

I already have started looking around our apartment in despair. We own so much shit, you guys. I've already started polling family on who wants to help store what.

My mother claimed the library, hah.



(Also, I offer you a sad, knowing nod on the "so much shit" point.)
Congratulations! That sounds awesome on all counts.

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Thank you!
Congratulations! That's fantastic news :)
Oh, that's *wonderful*! And I hear you on the "so much shit" when moving countries part. XD
Thank you! (I'm not looking forward to that part, hah.)
I've been offered the Mary Churchill-Humphrey grant to study in the UK.

Terrific, and well-deserved!!
Thank you so much.
Well done you!

Have you started to think about places you might want to visit while you are over here? One thing Americans sometimes forget is quite how small the UK is and how easy it is to fit in seeing all sorts of places.
I'm looking forward to cramming in as much travel as is humanly possible - in the UK and in Europe. Everyone I know has advised me that the trains are convenient and nice to get everywhere. *g*

Congratulations, well-deserved!

(Come visit Dublin. The ferry goes straight. :) )
Thanks! And I plan on it. You'll have to show me the best places. *g*
It would be an honour and a pleasure. :)

(Although my "best places" are libraries and restaurents...)
Those would be exactly what I'm looking for!
Excellent. :)
That's wonderful. I hope you have an amazing time.
Thank you!
Oh, hooray! Congratulations; that is so exciting and wonderful!