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The semester ended Monday, and my only response is a sigh of somewhat-baffled relief. I don't particularly remember February or March, so this "being finished" thing comes as a bit of a shock. I'm also graduating (officially, finally) in two weeks, moving straight into the program I've technically been taking classes for over the past year, and starting a teaching job.

Oh, plus - in less than twenty-four hours I'll be speaking on and answering questions about and signing Beyond Binary and We Wuz Pushed at UofL's Chao Auditorium. I have the talk planned, after some panicking and advice-seeking; I hope that it goes well. Now, just waiting for tomorrow to happen. I've been promised cake and coffee catered at the end of the party, so. Even if it's a fabulous disaster and I completely flub the public speaking part, there'll be cake.

Small favors.

In the meantime, there was a long, very interesting interview that I can't wait to share, and some slush reading, and some house cleaning, and reading-for-review. I would have more to say, but as you might have guessed from this laundry-list of things, the busy-ness has not yet abated. (Give it another week or two, and there's actually blank space in my day-planner!)