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Manholebritmandelo wrote
on April 4th, 2012 at 02:48 pm

And here's the review of Above by Leah Bobet, live at Tor.com.


Finally had a moment today to sit down with the revisions for "The Writ of Years" and work them out, at least partially. This story is what it is - a ridiculously self-referential pastiche, not a thing to everyone's taste, certainly - but it was damn fun to write. (And really, I stole the moments to work on it, but who's going to stop me?)

Now, back to reading submissions. I have some backlog to catch up with now that I've officially started my shiny new job as editor at Strange Horizons.

I also got my programming assignments for WisCon today: three panels, two parties, and the SignOut. Anyone know how to properly go about making sure that the dealer's room has copies of one's book?

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