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It's that time again: Hugo and Nebula nominations are open. So, for the first time, I suppose I'll do an eligibility post.

1) The most significant of the bunch: this is my first year of eligibility for the Campbell Award (not a Hugo; nominated & voted on as part of the Hugos).

2) [Edited] Apparently, I might be eligible for Best Fan Writer, because the rules are quite muddled. So, we'll come down on the side of "yes, sure."

3) "Though Smoke Shall Hide the Sun," a novelette, was published over at Tor.com in February.

(A complete list of things published this year, here.)


Now, as for other things you might want to consider: this year, there's a Best Fancast award, from what I gather. Might I recommend some of the better podcasts out there, like SF Squeecast or The Coode Street Podcast?

Best Graphic Story might be in its last year if it isn't ratified in as a continuing award. Can we please try to give it to something really, genuinely brilliant this year? Maybe The Unwritten, yes?

There are two books I'll definitely be nominating for Best Novel, those being Jo Walton's Among Others and Delia Sherman's The Freedom Maze. I recommend checking those out if you haven't, yet - not even for nomination purposes; they're just that good, and so very worth reading.