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97. "Somewhere Beneath Those Waves" by Sarah Monette

Review has just gone live at, here.

98. "Persuasion" by Jane Austen

The best of Austen's novels, Persuasion is the story that begins after most of her books would have ended. The heroine is nearly thirty, having denied her youthful passion and suffered for the loss, when she's reunited with the man she rejected - and most of the book is awkward, sad, and painful. It has a happy ending, of course, but it's the book that feels the most serious, the most real. Anne Elliot is the fullest of Austen's protagonists, the most human and nuanced, and she also holds the most old pain inside her. Those two things? Definitely inter-related. Persuasion doesn't display the same playful textual wit as Emma, but it's a richer, more fulfilling story.

99. ^The CV Handbook^ by Will Coghill-Behrends & Rebecca Anthony

This was pretty damned useful in putting together a CV, and also humorous enough to keep the reader from falling asleep while reading through it. I'd recommend it for anybody in academia to use for guidelines, samples, and focuses. Handy text!

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